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Its been awhile!

Life got so busy! One minute, life was quite, home bodied, productive, and the next, more tham I could chew!

Be careful what you ask a short while, I went from art making and tea drinking at home to participating in two monthly, recurring shows, and assisting at an art gallery here in the East Bay. Both, dream comes true for me, honestly.

The first, The Jack of all Trades Show, and the second, the Treasure Island Flea. You can find me set up there, selling prints and originals with my partner King Fox. We also have featured artists joining us monthly for guest spots. Treasure Island in particular is a blast: 10,000 people, sunshine, spectacular views of San Francisco, and 400 amazing artists and vendors. Add to the mix: wandering bartenders and adult bevvies. A gorgeous way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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